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Twist in Swathi Murder Case: Ramkumar’s Lawyer Decides to Withdraw

Advocate Krishnamurthy who has taken up the case to stand on behalf of the accused (Ramkumar) in Swathi murder case has announced on his facebook that he is relieving from it.

On writing on his facebook page he said that any case shouldn’t be accessed in terms of caste, race or religion. Neither it should be attended emotionally. He further said he has no direct connection on Ramkumar’s case. It was another advocate who has approached Krishnamurthy to help him out.

Another advocate has approached me to help out in getting bail for Ramkumar. Appearing for bail does not mean that I’m appearing for his release as well. Krishnamurthy has mentioned that Ramkumar is ailing from a poor family and he has been fighting for the rights of destitute and deprived communities.

Lawyer Krishnamoorthy of Ramkumar Case

“However, based on the current situation I have decided to opt out of this case”, said advocate Krishnamurthy on his Facebook page.

Ramkumar’s lawyer’s announcement to relieving from the case has brought a twist in Swathi murder case the proceedings. His decision has come much before the wordings from Court on his bail.

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