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UK-France: Chunnel

A 50 km long undersea rail tunnel, the Channel Tunnel aka Chunnel connects South-Eastern England with Northern France operated by the Eurotunnel Group, a British – French company.

UK France Chunnel

At its lowest point it lies 75 meters under the ocean floor. Three types of trains travel through the tunnel.
1. Shuttle trains travel from Folkestone to Calais in about half an hour. Cars, trucks and buses can be loaded onto them.
2. The Eurostar high-speed passenger trains bring people from Paris to London in 2.15 hours and passengers from Brussels to London in 1.50 hours
3. Freight trains.

First plans to dig an undersea tunnel between Britain and the Continent came up at the beginning of the 19th century, but, the construction didn’t begin until 1988. The tunnel was finished and officially opened in 1994.

Two rail tunnels and a smaller service tunnel in-between for an escape route and for repairs. It also supplier the train tunnels with fresh air. Emergency vehicles can get to the scene of an accident quickly.

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