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Things to be Done When You Use Public Wi-Fi!

Sometimes we all use public wifi when we are at airports, railway stations, shopping malls etc., but how many of us know we should take extra care and precaution before using public wifi’s? There are possibilities of getting virus very easily and it may completely destroy the stored data’s from your mobile.

Let us see how to take more precaution when we use wifi in public places.
When you scan and connect to public wifi you should be very careful. Make sure the place is safe and good to use open wifi networks.

There are chances for the same number, mobile models and name. So before connection to public networks make sure it is safe. Because there is chance of hacking your passwords, photos, videos etc.,

We have seen in some places when we connect to public wifi it doesn’t even ask for passwords. In such places, hacking of your personal details from your mobile is easily possible.

How to Use Public Wi-Fi Connection?

When you use Windows and connect to public wifi’s make sure you go to control panel> Network and Sharing center> Change Advance Sharing Settings and then click on public and click turn off button. This helps to interrupt other hackers when you use open networks.

It is safe to use open networks with VPN numbers. So that, no other persons can interrupt and hack your data’s from your mobile. You can even make new VPN number setting if it is not readily available.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc., have the option of HTTPS everywhere. So that, our messages will be decoded and the hackers will not be able to read out our messages. You can choose this option from the setting menu.
Do not forget to click the log off button once you finish off browsing.

Sometimes when you cross the border of open wifi networks you may get the message “forget the network” so that you’re connected will get disconnected/disrupted. But we might have not come out of the networks, once we enter the limit again you may automatically get connected to the open networks. So be careful while using that.

To avoid such disruptions go to control panel> Network and Sharing center> unclick Connect automatically when this network is in range. Click on the wireless properties option so that you can avoid your mobiles phones getting automatically connected to the open networks.

Follow these simple steps and prevent your mobile data’s, passwords from hackers.

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