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Watch “News18 Tamil Nadu” LIVE TV Now!

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“News18 Tamil Nadu” – News television adds one more count in Tamil Nadu. Now watch “News 18 Tamil Nadu”, another news channel for the Tamil news. Network 18 Group, which is owned by Reliance Industries has started its Tamil news channel. Today, Panorama Television Pvt Ltd, which owns and operates ten Regional News Channels under the brand of ETV, has launched three new channels today. News18 Kerala, News18 Assam (North-East) and News18 Tamil Nadu under the News18 brand.

“News18 Tamil Nadu” News TV Channel Live

The transmission has started from its Hyderabad studio until the elections. Once the election gets over, from June the channels will shift to their respective state capitals and operate from there independently. New18 Tamil Nadu will get relayed from Chennai from June 2016.

Unlike Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala states have a lengthy list of its regional news channels. In particular, Tamil Nadu has a wide range of viewers for the “Puthiya Thalaimurai TV” news channel run by SRM Group. As far as viewership is concerned Thanthi TV comes next. Which is another news channel run by a print media company “Dina Thanthi”, a leading Tamil daily newspaper.

Watch News18 Tamil Nadu Live

Among the list of regional news channels in the state of Tamil Nadu, Sun Network has its strong place. “Sun News” was the only regional news channel once. After the entry of Puthiya Thalaimurai TV, the viewership had a great change. Though viewers will have more options to watch news and happenings in the state through multiple news channels, more number of regional news channels were headed by individual political parties. Examples include Kalaignar TV (DMK), Jaya News (AIADMK) and Lotus TV (BJP) in Tamil Nadu.

From the first transmission of News18 Tamil Nadu, we could see majority of news readers are from Puthiya Thalaimurai television. Though the viewers can have multiple options to change between channels to get clarity of news, the channel administration will have tough time in managing its staff.

Once the News18 Tamil Nadu brings the live streaming of its channel on web, we will bring it here along with other existing FTA (Free To Air) channels available on the site.

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  7. Sir, Please inform me how to watch news 18 tamilnadu news at 24.12.16 8am news please inform
    at which web i can see.


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    A few days back you media guys did not have any event in India or Tamilnadu to have a talk show with various political leaders. Then on that day you got one. This was waiting to happen. During the past few months Tarun Vijay a hardcore Hindutva Politician suddenly took some interest in Tirukkural. The politicians and media guys were rather embarrassed to accept a virulent Hindutwa guy speaking highly of Tamil culture and ancient Tamil literature. “Misguided” people may have thousand reasons not to be greatly thrilled by Indian or Tamil culture – casteism, misogynistic feelings of Tamil (for that matter Indian) male etc etc. (I am a Tamilian and have a right to criticize my native culture). The embarrassment to the Tamil politicians and Tamil media guys increased when Tarun Vijay wanted to have a statue of Tiruvalluvar in one of the Northern cities. We did not know what to do except praising this north Indian guy. We are always happy if an outsider praises our culture. Suddenly he fell into our trap. He uttered some unintentionally derogatory tweets. Ah, now our embarrassment is over. We need not be embarrassed by him and can troll him to the end of the world. We refuse to be satisfied by the profuse apologies he made but as Suba Veera Pandian said even if he apologized after all he showed his mindset. (you must be remembering the wolf and the lamb story). Next time when he comes to Tamilnadu we can have protest asking him to go back. The whole Tamil world including the Tamil media is satisfied now and they can go ahead to the next topic. Well done Mr. Gunasekaran.



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