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Whatsapp Calling Facility: How to Enable this Feature?

World’s most famous mobile messaging application Whatsapp has started its calling feature. Whatsapp’s voice calling facility can be easily activated on your mobile with simple steps.

Recently, we have been hearing rumors for a while now about WhatsApp launching voice calling on its Android app. Fake messages with few links were shared through WhatsApp in groups. The feature is indeed available in the app’s latest version. To activate this option in your smartphone, you’ll need another user’s help.

How to Activate WhatsApp’s Voice Calling Feature/Facility?

1. Download the new version of WhatsApp in your mobile.
2. If any of your friends has already got the WhatsApp’s voice calling feature, ask them to make a call to you.
3. Its done now. After the call gets over, if you re-open the WhatsApp application in your mobile, it will show you a new screen.
4. In the new screen, you’ll be able to find an option allotted for calling feature.

How to Activate WhatsApp Calling?

You cannot use this feature to call someone who hasn’t upgraded their existing WhatsApp application on their smartphones.

Still, you may ask your friends’ group to update their WhatsApp application to avail this voice calling feature. It is known that WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook last year. Subsequently, these features are released on WhatsApp after the acquisition by Facebook.

Now, stop nagging your friends using voice messages and make a call straight away. The data usage feedbacks are not known yet. This voice calling facility will consume data packs, however the amount of data consumed is yet to known from users.

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