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A Yoga Pose for All Health Problems!

Yes! Tamilnetonline brings you a quick fix for your health complaints! This single yoga pose is more powerful to heal many health problems of our body. Several studies have proved that this yoga pose has numerous health benefits. If you want to beat your health troubles in a go, then this yoga pose is a perfect one to practice every day. Here’s is that yoga asana that heal your body organs. The yoga asana is Paschimottanasana which means bending head forward.

Steps to Do Paschimottanasana

  • Place a mat on the floor and sit relaxed.
  • Stretch legs slowly.
  • Keep shoulder and spine straight.
  • Rest your palms on knees.
  • Bend head forward slowly.
  • Target to touch the legs with forehead.
  • Stretch the hands and try to touch the feet.
  • Hold breathe while doing the pose.
  • Breathe out while releasing the pose
  • Take a slow and deep breathe.
  • Repeat the pose for 4-5 times.

A Yoga Pose for All Health Troubles

WARNING: Pregnant women, people suffering from back problems, asthma and other health problems should not attempt this yoga. Doing with yoga tutor guidance is advisable.

Super Benefits of this Yoga Pose

  1. This helps to stay relaxed by beating stress and tension.
  2. This pose helps to stimulate body organs like liver, kidney and uterus.
  3. It helps to lose weight and burn belly fats.
  4. It is a very effective pose for spine, neck, shoulder and back muscles.
  5. It activates whole body and prevent headache, sinus complaints.
  6. It is a good asana for indigestion problems and prevents over appetite.
  7. It is an excellent pose for high blood pressure health issue.

Keep your body active, healthy doing this yoga pose everyday. It helps for all your body organs to function properly and prevent many health problems.

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